BRANCO® The Right Word in Any Language.

BRANCO® has been serving Bonn and the world for three decades.
People rely on our translation and interpreting services because we make sure that what you have to say is understood
the way it was meant — be it in scientific publications or marketing texts.

We are equally comfortable in many different fields and speak all the languages of the world.
BRANCO® stands for precise and intuitive language — with uncompromising quality standards*.

Our Services:

  • Native-speaker translations into over 40 languages
    • Translation: The written reproduction of a source text in a target language by a translator with specific qualifications,
      where necessary with the assistance of industry experts.
  • Certified translations
    • The integrity of a translation can be certified by the stamp and signature of a court-appointed translator.
  • Proofreading and editing
    • Proofreading consists of checking a text’s spelling, grammar, punctuation and typography.
      Editing adds the optimization of style to the above-described proofreading aspects.
      In the case of translated texts, and depending on the project requirements, this may
      also entail comparing the source and target texts.
  • Simultaneous and consecutive interpreting
    • The oral reproduction of speech from a source language in the target language.
      Simultaneous —> interpreting involves the interpreter listening and speaking at the same time,
      e.g. at conferences, congresses, etc. (also using interpreter booths and technology).
      Consecutive —> interpreting involves the interpreter providing a slightly delayed translation of speech,
      e.g. at negotiations, dealings with the authorities, notary publics, etc.
  • Localization
    • The adaptation of a text to a new environment, taking into consideration technical, legal and/or cultural aspects,
      by native speakers, who are usually based in the target region.
  • Management and consulting services for multilingual projects