Linguistic Expertise
The most important thing is that you really feel at home in your mother tongue and possess a high degree of linguistic proficiency. You should also possess an understanding of highly complex foreign language texts that allows you to accurately reproduce content, meaning and style in your mother tongue. Your translation should not be recognizable as such, but rather appear to be the product of a professional author. Should you translate from more than one source language, we shall almost certainly decide to employ your services only in the language that you are most proficient in.

Besides your language skills, you should also possess at least one field of translation expertise. This expertise may have been acquired during a course of study or through practical experience in the field. You should be very familiar with the latest developments and existing terminology in your respective field of expertise. Please provide us with details of your qualifications and experience, as we require this information for the selection of our freelance translators and interpreters.

EDP Skills
EDP skills (standard office/communication software) are indispensable as we communicate with our translators and interpreters mainly by e-mail. You should also be familiar with the use of translation software (CAT, TMS, etc.) or learn how to use it if you intend to work with us.

You should be able to check your e-mail several times a day, as we shall often contact you at short notice and require a swift response.

We look forward to welcoming you to our team and expanding our network further.